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Expand Your Reach: Publish in International Scientific Journals As a Non-Native Speaker Today!
Learn to Succeed and Make a Step in your Scientific Career in Just 4 Short Lessons:
Unlock the power of modern technology.
Write effortlessly in English, even if it's not your native language.
Get rid of stress or insecurity.
Stop paying for every publication. You can publish for free!
Gain practical skills for a lifetime of successful scientific writing.
In just 4 lessons, you will make a significant progress in your scientific projects following my guidance and feedback
Lesson 1
Can a non-native speaker of English publish in top international journals?
In which you will plan your publication strategy for the near future.
5 apps for writing your journal article in English
In which you will discover the services and applications you can use to write articles in English and start planning your article.
Lesson 2
3 main reasons journals reject articles
In which you will understand why journals reject articles and complete the plan for your next article in English.
Lesson 3
How to write research articles that journals would accept?
Learn how to write scientific articles that journals won’t reject.
Lesson 4
Meet your trainer
Liubov V. Borisova, PhD
A non-native English speaker, writing, publishing and conducting research in English since 2006
14 years of research and teaching experience in European Universities
Taught academic skills to hundreds of students
Mentored successful early career researchers, who are publishing their research regularly and stress-free
My degrees and qualifications:
  • MA’s in political science and economics (Lund University Sweden, UCL UK, Charles University Czechia)
  • PhD in health sociology, Bremen University Germany; University teaching certification (Uppsala University Sweden)
  • Academic writing certification (Stanford University USA, Uppsala University Sweden)
Creator of the programmes on writing research articles and texts, as well as prolific and conscious research. The programmes draw on Western school of academic writing, recent research and personal experience.
My students and clients publish in international journals and enjoy the writing process and stress-free productivity.

In just 4 lessons, you will make a significant progress in your scientific projects following my guidance and feedback.
Those who complete the autotraining and submit all the assignments (4 in total) will receive bonuses worth 600 Euro
  • 1
    Video Lessons
    Recordings of all 4 lessons
    (worth 70 Euro)
  • 2
    Presentation Slides
    All presentation slides from the 4 lessons
    (worth 30 Euro)
  • 3
    on Using AI in Writing Research Texts
    (worth 50 Euro)
  • 4
    450 Euro that can be used towards payment for my program on writing scientific articles in English
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Liubov V. Borisova, PhD
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