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In just 4 lessons, you will make a significant progress in your scientific projects following my guidance and feedback
Lesson 1
Can a non-native speaker of English publish in top international journals?
In which you will plan your publication strategy for the near future.
5 apps for writing your journal article in English
In which you will discover the services and applications you can use to write articles in English and start planning your article.
Lesson 2
3 main reasons journals reject articles
In which you will understand why journals reject articles and complete the plan for your next article in English.
Lesson 3
How to write research articles that journals would accept?
Learn how to write scientific articles that journals won’t reject.
Lesson 4
The 24-hour rule
The chatbot works for several social networks at the same time, and to avoid spam filters, automated messages are sent to you within a 24-hour window
Pay attention, and I'll remind you about these particulars of the first day again
Attention! The first day's setup:
You must complete two tasks:
the introductory task and
the first lesson task
arrives 12 hours before the training ends
arrives 7 hours before the training ends
arrives 3 hours before the training ends
If you do not complete the task within 24 hours, your access to the training will be permanently disabled
You will get both of the assignments on the pages of each lesson and through the chatbot!
Complete the assignment of Lesson 1
Copy this text and paste it into the chatbot using the button below). Write your answers next to each question:
Create your publication strategy for the next 2-3 years
I prepared a table so that you can systematically work on your publication strategy. Use the table (button below) to plan your strategy and create a clear publication pipeline. In the future, you can continue to work on your publication strategy and develop it further.
Some instructions:
  • You don’t need to read any extra materials, just take your time to think through your answers, requirements, desires, and possibilities you have. Take your time planning your publication's future!
  • You can open the table (below), copy it to your Google Drive or save it as an Excel file, and start filling it in.
  • First, think about the overall strategy. Think of your aim and your motivation as a researcher. What are your goals for the next 2-3 years? Who are you as a researcher? What do you need to achieve your goals? (This would determine saying yes and no to different projects).
  • Next, taking into account your goals and motivation, think through at least one publication for now, but list as many as you need. Your timeframe should not be smaller than 1-2 years.
  • After that, you can either send a print screen of the table or copy the questions below and write down your answers directly in the chatbot
  • The more details you provide, the more feedback I can give you, and the better you’ll feel about your publication strategy.
If you would like to just write your answers, you can just copy the text below, paste it into the chatbot (using the buttons below), and write your answers next to each question directly in the chat:
1) Your researcher's motivation/goal:
2) Aims of your publication strategy:
3) Timeframe for your current publication strategy (be specific!):
4) Types of planned publications (e.g., 2 articles, 1 book, 3 grant applications, 1 dissertation, etc.):
5) Overall budget you have for planned publications (you don’t have to share this, but think about it):
Copy the assignment
Copy the assignment and then click "Submit Assignment" here
After that, you will be sent to the training chatbot. Make sure you press the "START" button in the chatbot
⏰ Please keep in mind that I personally review your assignments from 08:00 to 19:00 CEST/CET on workdays, so please try to submit them during this period. If you submit the assignment after 19:00 CET or on the weekend, I will most likely respond the following working day.

⚠️ Only after my personal feedback will the next lesson be available. Wait for it to appear in the chatbot
I will provide bonuses worth 600 Euro to those who finish the entire autotraining and all assignments
  • 1
    Video Lessons
    Recordings of all 4 lessons
    (worth 70 Euro)
  • 2
    Presentation Slides
    All presentation slides from the 4 lessons
    (worth 30 Euro)
  • 3
    on Using AI in Writing Research Texts
    (worth 50 Euro)
  • 4
    450 Euro that can be used towards payment for my program on writing scientific articles in English
Complete these three add-on mini-tasks in order to receive bonuses worth 600 Euro
These add-on mini-tasks are checked automatically every 24 hours!
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Copy your individual link, and forward it to someone who you think would be interested in publishing research articles in English. As soon as the invited person registers for the autotraining, this mini-task will be completed
It’s possible that you’ve already started this autotraining bot before and the allotted time for the completion of the autotraining has expired. In that case, the bot considers it as a repeat attempt and restricts access. Please note that repeated FREE access to the autotraining is not available. However, you can join us on a paid basis starting from the 1st day of each month. Keep an eye on our community notifications for updates!
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